c’est la vie … say levee?

May 22, 2008 by

well after 2 years in a fema trailer, give or take a few half lives and a couple of missed doses of depakote, i’m finally back in a house. so armed with a contempt for capitalization and punctuation, let me hit the ground punning… as  my head begins to spin into puddles of creativity, i realize the biggest problem with post-k new orleans or post reagan politics isn’t reality, it’s all perception.  my jazz fest experience as a performer made me think that we weren’t in the small print…. all those people opened up for us,,,,  when i recently donated one of my paintings to the grace house for an auction, i didn’t consider myself a starving artist with only 3 pieces sold in my 44 years, rather score now is fred 3, van gogh 1.  

it’s all in the perception… the spin… the lie even.

as i sat recently blurry eyed and pumped with manic endorphins, a piece of “lie” and perception hit me or kicked me or fondled me… it has to do with the reason i’m only recently in a house and may be back in a trailer or a boat or homeless when hurricane season arrives on my freshly unpainted doorstep august or thereabouts: 7400 Leake Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118???? leake ave?  LEAKE?  LEAK?   oh yes, the physical address of the U.S. CORP OF ENGINEERS… c’est levee!  well, as i investigated further the PUBLIC AFFAIRS dept of the corps (or is that corpse????) no longer uses 7400 Leake Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 as their addy…. they got a P.O. BOX… go figure… you can’t sue ’em, you can’t find ’em, BUT YOU CAN STILL BLAME ‘EM.  I suggest they get a new physical addy on TUPPERWARE ST or WATERPROOF RD or ME CULPA DR or better yet on WE ADMIT IT WE F’D UP ROYALLY AND WE PROMISE WE WON”T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN BLVD.

a p.o. box? you gotta be kiddin’ me!



p.h. fred ([email protected])


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