Artists Helping Teens

May 23, 2008 by

Found this posted to Pat Jolly’s email list and thought it should be reposted here as I know a number of my fellow artists poke around this site:

Hi Pat,

my nameĀ  is Ted I am the program coordinator at the Teen Center for Non-Violence.

An associate of mine told me you run a networking site for artists?

If so, we are trying to get our summer program together and are interested in finding artists to come in and do workshops for the kids. We have pretty generous stipends.

Anyone interested can contact the teen center at 366 9025, or they can call me at 860 306 5081.

Thank You,

Ted Stevenson
Programs Coordinator
Teen Center for Non-Violence
Theodore Stevenson <[email protected]>

I’m game… anyone else?!

— NOGoddess (aka Andrea)

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