R.I.P. (Yet Again)- Robert Lynn Aspirin

May 25, 2008 by

I am behind the curve in hearing about this. To be honest I am pretty bereft of words. Bob’s humorous fiction in particular is close to my heart. He will be missed. Jon Donelly over at NOLA.com actually said it quite well:

In the far reaches of Ranke, in the sinister gloom of Sanctuary’s Vulgar Unicorn, Hell Hounds, cutpurses and street hustlers raise a flagon to a great mage. Elsewhere, Skeeve and Aahz feel the passing of the Myth Maker. And worlds away, a Phule and his creator are too soon parted.

On Thursday, May 22, fantasy/science-fiction author and editor Robert Asprin passed away in his French Quarter residence. The 61-year-old writer – known to many by his SCA name of “Yang the Nauseating” – was famous for a ground-breaking series known as “Thieves World,” in which a group of top sci-fi/fantasy luminaries contributed short stories in a shared universe, a new model that was part of the genesis of the modern fantasy genre. He co-edited and helped author the early books in this series, with then-wife Lynn Abbey. His career continued through Myth Adventures, a humorous fantasy series, which was still being written with co-author Jodie Lynn Nye. Their latest book, “Myth-Chief,” was published this year, and “Myth Fortune,” which was in progress, will be published at an unspecified date. Asprin also created the humorous adventures of Willard Phule and his space-going company.

According to family spokesman and longtime friend Bill Fawcett, the author was discovered in his New Orleans home on Thursday:

On May 22, 2008, Bob passed away quietly in his home in New Orleans, LA. He had been in good spirits and working on several new projects, and was set to be the Guest of Honor at a major science fiction convention that very weekend. He is survived by his mother, his sister, his daughter and his son, and his cat, Princess, not to mention countless friends and fans and numerous legendary fictional characters. He will be greatly missed. Bob, when this was discussed, requested there not be a formal funeral. A gathering at Fahy’s Pub on Dauphine in the Quarter has been organized, which fits Bob’s often-expressed desire that he be remembered by a series of great pub crawls. He also stated that should he die, any donations (should go) to the New Orleans Library for the purchase of science fiction books. Alternately Bob was a great cat lover concerned about the animals of New Orleans and donations to no kill animal shelters would also be a fitting memorial.The gathering at Fahy’s will be held Monday, May 26, from 9-11 pm.

He has much more including a letter from the lady who found him in Jon’s original post.

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