Local Thursdays: Visualization

May 26, 2008 by

I posted on the 3rd about making Thursdays at Jazz Fest for locals with local acts and local ticket prices, since the increase in prices seems to be blamed/linked/related to the “big name” national acts brought in the past few years. If we cut the Acura stage and localize everything else, without stopping people from playing on other Fest days, we could have:

Jazz Tent

Blues Tent


Native American powwow area

Fais Do Do stage—zydeco?

local crafts—must include Muses and Zulu, huh?

Jazz and Heritage stage—all Mardi Gras Indians, all the time

Lagniappe—local rock and harder-to-categorize acts that might not fit elsewhere

Economy Hall—New Orleans brass bands, anyone from Dr. Michael White to the Soul Rebels and Pinettes

Gentilly stage = The Musical Dynasty Stage: Nevilles, Jordans, Andrews, Barbarains, Poulins, ???

Grandstand—all education and exhibits, Living History, lectures, hands-on stuff for the busloads of schoolkids coming on that day

How do we fill it up? For example/starters:

Jazz—Donald Harrison, Terence Blanchard, even Harry Connick, Jr, ???

Brainstorm, people—most of the time live music is playing in town, I’m incoherent but not necessarily asleep. Got your Memorial Day drink on? Then let’s dream.

G Bitch

pic: dsbnola

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