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May 30, 2008 by

It pays to pay attention, something our political class desperately needs to learn. In this case I refer to paying attention to local blogs. Some die off, new ones pop up, and strange things happen out in Internet Land ™. Every once in a while something will make you smile. Bitter smiles are common in New Orleans these days.

This evening I stumbled across a NOLA blog I was heretofore unaware of: Southern Atlantis. Fortunately the blogger who pens it, Droudy, uses Creative Commons to license her work. That means that I can show you an example of why I like her blog already. (Tip for the newbies: if you use CC licensed work leave a comment with a link on the original so the creator kows you’re using it. Its just good netiquette.) So anyway, here is a lovely little post called simply:

What If…?

1. they would just do it f*#king right from the beginning?

2. now that we’ve found them, we’d let them be, and let their homes, environment be also, for a change?

3. after this they find that aliens are among us?!?

4. this IS the better mouse?!? EEEK!

5. Carol sings, “I’m so glad we had this time together,” as a eulogy?

6. a new industry is created – virtual travel agencies?

7. this is the first sign of how corporations will duck out of their pension responsibilities – “the market ate it”?


8. in a few years, we hear about Gene’s wild night with Condoleeza?

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-Loki, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, HumidCity

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