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There’s a cinder-block wall on Burgundy Street, just the other side of the Press Street Tracks that divide the Marigny from the Bywater. It’s privately owned, and on private property. During the early part of May, this year, the owner gave permission ( in writing, I’m told) to a couple of local artists to paint that wall, on the side that faces away from traffic, that is seen from the Marigny, especially the XO Gallery at Dauphine & Press Streets.

 It was beautiful. Magnificent work. Sort of stylized graphics, painted with the methodology of grafitti artists, but so cool looking that people would pull over on the shoulder and take pictures, stand on the grassy knoll and stare, a really amazing vision along a stretch of dismal railroad track.

 Now Fred Radtke has painted the entire wall a bland messy grey. Not even all the same grey. It looks like somebody shit on the wall in black & white. It’s horrible and depressing. It’s also private property, commisioned art, on privately owned land.

 How long is this asshole going to be allowed to deface other peoples’ property in the name of the City of New Orleans?  This was a crime; legally, morally and artistically. Somebody please, throw this moronic bastard in jail for while, and let him paint over the scribbling in the day room at Central Lock-up. Those motherlovers will beat his frickin ass like he deserves.


Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans  


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