Looks Like He Took It After All…

Jun 4, 2008 by

That guy in Lakeview, the one the SWAT team went to visit yesterday, is now dead.

A man was reportedly shot and killed by New Orleans police SWAT officers after a 10-hour standoff in which he barricaded himself in his FEMA trailer in Lakeview, according to police.

The confrontation began after the man, wearing a gun in his waistband, chased away FEMA workers who were attempting to reclaim the trailer in which he was living, police said.

The standoff ended Wednesday morning when police shot him after using several canisters of tear gas trying to draw him out. Associated Press reports say paramedics took him to a hospital, where he later died.

Now here is the interesting quote a few paragraphs down:

Though he didn’t actually draw his gun, he placed his hand on it near his waistband while ordering the FEMA workers to leave the trailer, the workers told police.

Via NOLA.com

The things that really gets me about this is that so many of the lives lost to flying bullets merit no more than a blurb. This guy was colorful and dramatic enough for the news, but what about the ongoing spate of death that infects our city like the plague?

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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