Law & Order, New Orleans Style

Jun 5, 2008 by

Sometimes items with similar, or almost identical, components come packaged very differently, confusing me beyond all reason. There’s always one different element that stands them apart…

For Example: In New Orleans we have a crazy man who runs around with a paint roller & a bucket of grey paint, screaming obscenities at shop girls, knocking folks on the head, and carrying a gun. The police, especially Sargent Fred Narcisse, public relations officer, refuse to prosecute him, even at the instruction of City Hall, because, as Sgt Fred tells us, “We like what he does.” (Personally, I was unaware that the police could dismiss charges against you, because ‘they like you’. I’ll be taking donuts over to the 5th district building every day now.)

New Orleans also has (had) a crazy man, on medication we’re told, who refused to let FEMA take away his trailer, probably because he had nowhere else to go, had gotten screwed by the Road Home Program, or some out of town contractors, or the City of New Orleans leveled his house for no reason, as they have done to so many others. I’m guessing the police didn’t like him as much, since they shot him dead.

The ‘Missing Component’ here is this: The Dead Guy was protecting his ‘Home’. The police killed him. The Paint Roller guy is defacing other peoples homes. The police protect him.

Now certainly, the police felt threatened by the Dead Guy, hence his deadness. Have they considered how that shop girl on Magazine Street felt with Paint Roller guy screaming obscene insults in her face? I guess that doesn’t matter, and won’t be prosecuted, because Sgt. Fred likes Paint Roller Guy.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for everybody.

Just in case you were wondering where all this lawless behavior from entitled officials comes from. Don’t piss off the cops, however, if you want to live.

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

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