Imposing a Moment of Levity

Jun 10, 2008 by

First off, I really hope that only Loki is heretofore required to begin his posts with the disclaimer:

Regular readers are well aware that I, like each of the other writers on HumidCity, am the sole person responsible for my own words. In no way do they reflect the opinions of any of my employers or clients.

However, if I must use the disclaimer, I can thankfully state that my opinions DO reflect those of my employer, as I employe myself. If you’ve never tried it, have a go some day…

So here’s my moment of levity. (At least according to my personal sense of humor) its too good not to share. I’ve been ordering our gallery promotion cards from the same company for the last 3 months. I’ve been more than satisfied with their quality, prices and turnaround time – a holy trinity in the world of last minute designer/gallery owners. However, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed their online status update terminology each of the three times I’ve ordered from them.

For instance, looking at my account now, the two completed orders listed say under the ‘status’ menu, respectively:

“Off Press”

Both were printed and delivered.

Sunday I ordered an extra batch of cards for this month’s shows and checked in on the status today, expecting to read some variation of “printed” or “in press”. I did not expect to see this:

Status: Job Bag Printed¬†(Imposition Department)”

While I’m still stumped by “job bag”, I have now learned, thanks to Google, that one definition of imposition is actually a printing term. OK.

But for some irrational reason, the term “Imposition Department” brings to mind the image of my poor design stretched out on a rack in a dungeon during the Inquisition. Or stuck for hours in a closet with the TSA.

Perhaps I’m just a bit paranoid?

Moment of Levity Imposed.

Peace Out –

NOGoddess (aka Andrea) 

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