Return of The Wall; Each One Do One

Jun 11, 2008 by

Yes, it’s true.

As Fearless Leader, Loki, pointed out, the Petition to Ban Fred Radtke is out, and available at every coffee shop, eatery and locally responsible store in the Bywater. Just yesterday, I sat at Flora’s Gallery & Coffee Shop, with my pal, Dr. Fred, and signed up. We were discussing the Return of the Wall at Burgundy & Press Streets, welcoming any viewer to the Bywater. It’s back, repainted and joyous. As the chatter turned to Fred Radtke, Doug McCash called (Times Picayune Art Writer) to discuss this same story and gather info. After one of my shorter rants, I referred him to Rex Dingler, at Nola Rising. Upon returning to my iced tea (they do it so well in there), Dr. Fred asked how Fred Radtke could go on Private Property and do such a thing to local art. Hmmm. How do you spell asshole?

“If I hang a piece on my gate, and he paints over that, I’ll press charges, at the very least,” said the Doc.

“Well, I don’t know how effective that would be…” I started in.

“What if everybody did it?” He replied.

 Therein lies the Movement. Thanks, Doctor Fred. What a great idea. What if each and every one of us, in the Marigny/Bywater, or all over the city, for that matter, started hanging little pieces of art on our gates, front doors, porches and railings? Will the NOPD allow Fred Radtke to come to each persons’ home, trespass, and deface their private property? I think not.

 I think a line is being drawn in the proverbial sand. Not a challenge to Fred Radtke, mind you. He might like that. The challenge is to ourselves. The challenge is to refuse to let a single mad man, or group of mad men, rule our lives, to drive us into bleak sameness, a grey area of the heart, where we fear our own self expression, our joy of living, where we DO AS WE ARE TOLD.

Oh no. Not us. We crawled back in to the slime, post- K; poor artists, writers & musicians, locals and volunteers from all over the country, and rebuilt our neighborhoods on our own, helping each other, tending gardens and galleries alike. The Celebration Does Not End Here.

So cross that line.
Step lively.
Dance along the way.
In the Marigny/Bywater there are a string of galleries and a slew of artists.
Take your pick.
Make your own.
Make something beautiful in a world full of ugly, as Sista Otis says.
Dr. Fred and I rode over to Dr. Bob’s and snagged a piece depicting the Local Muffelatta, which will soon hang on Fred’s gate.  I think it’s beautiful, but then, I rather like muffelattas.

Rex Dingler does art give-aways, and can be found here. Andrea & Jeff, at L’art Noir founded SCADNOLA (St. Claude Art District, New Orleans, LA) and their website lists almost every gallery in the nieghborhood. They do art openings en mass, the second Saturday of each & every month, this weekend included. There’s art to be found on many levels. Let’s have a look, shall we? Let’s fly the creative flag in the face of a grey and cold hearted world. And if Mister Radtke prefers the cold & grey, perhaps he will find it, on the padded walls that muffle the rants of those lost in their own cold hearts. 

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

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