Streetwise Eloquence: Crime and Grey Ghost Censured

Jun 11, 2008 by

Bywater Plea

The above is a message we can all agree with, although some might phrase it more delicately. These have been popping up in the Bywater recently, and I think they speak volumes about the state of affairs down here. Still, if thousands converging on city hall could not accomplish anything lasting why should a sticker? At least seeing this raised my spirits, which is also vastly important these days.

On a more practical front I found something that brought a grin to my face while grabbing some coffee at the Sound Cafe: a petition to the City Council for them to impress upon Fred Radtke (the ubiquitous Grey Ghost) that his efforts are neither wanted nor welcome by the community. I feel the delicious tingle of a “ban the buff” movement beginning to take root. I would like to take this occassion to wholeheartedly endorse one!

I want to see more of these turn up. The Magazine Street Business Association is one group that has several members that I know who have suffered the expense of Mr. Radtke’s “graffiti removal.” Likewise I am sure with many neighborhood associations and business groups. Mobilization is required. A simple petition is a start.

Finally we start to see some practical moves in this game of “get the psycho off the streets.” I know that most of us are unstable or self medicated these days (gee, how Tennessee Williams), but this guy is dangerous. Military experience and mental instability, which is what it increasingly seems like we are dealing with here, are a lousy combination. If his reported behavior in court during the NOLA Rising case or when he verbally abused that poor girl at Mojo’s gives any indication I would advise his removal from the streets, post haste.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder