another game of formaldehyde and seek

Jun 18, 2008 by

well as i finally “un”settle back into my house, the two and five sixths years of post k goobly goo comes to a a not-so screeching halt.  or does it? the emotional, physical, and mental scars won’t heal.  the burning in my lungs and dull nightmares continue.  the unnatural tingling in certain extremities continues relentlessly. neither the powers that be or those that won’t be can fix that. in fact, it’s kinda hard to call it post-traumatic since the trauma isn’t over as we walk amidst the shadows day by day.  the floods of 08 are just a reminder that mother nature can be a bad mother – hush your mouth… i’m just talkin about getting the shaft(?). 

the “everything’s slow in the south” mentality of new orleans has turned to a comatose “nothing’s moving  or getting done” land of shades reminiscent of aeneas’ visit down below in virgil’s classic epic

the slow life. the slow food. the not-so-fast food nation called McNawlins… do you want levees with that? how ’bout a not-so-happy meal? afterall, you deserve a breech today! well, do we really? i don’t think so!

meanwhile… gas and employment go up WHILE politicians give themselves outrageous raises for a job not yet well or done.

can i see the manager? oh, yeah… mr. jindal… he’s decided to do nothing… a lame duck in less than six months.  maybe he should be v-p.  then again, if he did, he might shoot me in the face… then again his refusal to take a stand was sort of a knife in the back. 

another game of formaldehyde and seek!


p.h. fred


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