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Jun 18, 2008 by

Hello citizens of Humid City,

Louis Maistros here, of the Marigny neighborhood. Some of you might know me as the former proprietor of Louie’s Juke Joint record shop/Vodou botanica on Decatur Street. If you’re a musician there’s a chance you bought cheap guitar strings from me at some point. Or maybe my wife Elly set you up with a big chunk of High John the Conqueror root.

I’ve been asked by the esteemed Mr. Loki to join the Humid City blogging team. So here I am, rip-roaring to go.

Just a few things, so y’all know what to expect.

Much of what I’ll post here will be cross-posted from my own blog, which is called These Things May Not Be Right, But They Are True. My mode of perpsective there tends to be from New Orleans to the outside world, so for the locals it may seem a tad over-explainy at times regarding certain things that we all know too well. So bear with me on that sort of thing, if you please. From time to time I will post things just for HC, and those will be geared more towards the locals with all the usual clubhouse slogans and secret handshakes.

My grand mission is to inspire peace and harmony through information and profanity. If bad words threaten your sunny disposition, please feel free to shield your eyes from the screen when you see my name appear. It won’t hurt my feelings because I won’t even know you’re doing it.

My personal situation is, briefly: husband of one and father of two, self-employed with the Juke Joint thing online now (my day job), homeschooler of the kids with the help of my lovely bride Elly (who spends most of her time doing animal rescue work around town), and I’m also a writer with a New Orleans novel called “The Sound of Building Coffins” due out from the Toby Press in March of 2009.

A few links of interest if you want to know more:

The blog: These things may not be right, but they are true

The store: Louie’s Juke Joint on Ebay and the Juke Joint website

Social network stuff: you can find me on Myspace and Facebook

We also have a resource page for New Orleans homeschoolers here:

I think that about covers it.

I hope I don’t disappoint, and am happy to be here.



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