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Watch the headlines, kids & campers! Read all about President George W. Bush, going to Iowa after the devastating floods, saying he’s headed there “with the lessons I learned from Katrina.”

 This translates in to eating some cake with John McCain, and standing around with that stupid smirk on his face. Your troubles are just beginning, Iowa Flood Victims, and my heart goes out to you for all you’ve been through and all that you still have ahead. The sooner you stop counting on this moronic fool to do one damned thing, or for any Federal Relief Agency to help out financially, nevermind tell you the truth, the sooner you’ll take control of your situation and start the healing process. Go to the independant volunteers, the non-profits, your friends and neighbors, or for that matter, New Orleans help groups, who know all too well how desolate this can make you feel. There are millions who care and WANT to help.

 Meanwhile, rest assured that the Army Corps of Egineers will be busy covering it’s ass, and the White House will be releasing sound bites and press nuggets until the cake runs out.  Those are “the lessons I learned from Katrina”.


Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

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