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My friend Gordon posted a comment this morning in response to a post I made awhile back. As I’m not sure how many folks are getting track back on comments, I’m reposting his comment on the front page in case anyone has any suggestions for him and his very worthy endeavor!

– NOGoddess

From Gordon:

Well, here is the latest on Bio Liberty, LLC. We have been given a notice by the St Tammany parish code enforcement officer that states we are operating a commercial business on property zoned residential. After contacting the officials we have learned that although there are no State laws that prohibit making bio diesel they feel we are operating outside the law. We do not sell bio diesel. We use it to operate a lot clearing service for Lower Ninth Ward home owners. While we do make the fuel on the property in Slidell, LA. we do not conduct business there. Since my partner and owner of the property in subdividing the land and does not want to have our bio diesel operation prevent the green construction projects we have planed for. We have decided to move our bio diesel plant to another location.

So, we are looking for a place in New Orleans to make fuel for Bio Liberty, LLC. and to continue to clear lots for Lower Ninth Ward residents. If anyone has ideas about where we could relocate please let me know ASAP!

One possible solution is to create and bio diesel coop where members can make their own fuel and at the same time help the lot clearing efforts Bio Liberty has been doing for over a year now.

I don’t look at this as a set back rather, as a opportunity to expand our services and reduce our costs of gathering used cooking oil from New Orleans restaurants and recycling it into green fuel for the rebuilding efforts.

Peace, Out!


On Edit: I just remembered this article from, published on the 19th and have to wonder if it is in any way connected to St. Tammany Parish’s objections to BioLiberty’s biodiesel operations. Given the way things too often work in the good old US of A – and, even more so, in good old LA, it wouldn’t surprise me if BioLiberty is getting the shaft because the big companies have been given a bond issue to develop a large biodiesel processing plant.

Developers of a proposed plant near Baton Rouge to convert animal fats, grease and corn oil into diesel fuel won final approval Thursday of a $100 million bond issue to get the project under way.

Without objection, the State Bond Commission gave final authorization to a project known as Dynamic Fuels LLC, a partnership between Tyson Foods, which produces chicken and meat products, and Syntroleum Corp. of Tulsa, Okla.

On one hand, it’s good to see the state trying something progressive, but on the other hand, should it be at the expense of good folks who have already been on the “progressive bus” for awhile (if this is indeed any part of what is happening). In any case, folks, it would be fantastic to have a biodiesel cooperative here in NOLA, so start wracking your brains and let’s help these guys find a place!

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