sunday night is meet the new guy night

Jun 27, 2008 by

Just a quick note to say I’ll be doing a very informal “gig” at the Sound Café (2700 Chartres St in the Marigny) on Sunday evening, June 29, at 7PM. No cover charge.

This will also be a fare-thee-well for Jesse “Bazillionaire” Studenberg, The Amazing Singing Barista of the Sound Café. Jesse’s heading back to Portland soon, so if you’ve enjoyed his caffeinated artistry you should stop by and say hello and goodbye. Jesse will also be singing and playing some of his own tunes, and he is quite talented. I’m not lying.

There will be no amplification, just acoustic guitar and voice. Like I said, informal as hell. No tip jar either – not for me, at least.

I’ll be doing songs like this one, and this one too, among others, that reflect on life in post-storm New Orleans.

You will not recognize me by this old band photo:


… because it was taken 25 (ouch! yes, 25) years ago. Trust me: I was a punk before you were a punk.

Music starts 7PM sharpish. I hope to meet a few of you fine folks there, readers & bloggers both.

Louis Maistros

These things may not be right, but they are true.

The Sound of Building Coffins by Louis Maistros is due for publication from The Toby Press in Spring 2009.

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