Larry Craig and David Vitter: Guardians of Marriage

Jun 28, 2008 by

The ever vigilant Oyster, who used to blog with us before the Levee Failure, brings us the Republican comedy show one of its most amusing moments. It seems that “Diaper” David Vitter, connoisseur of purchased poontang, and Larry “The Foot Tapper” Craig are now co-sponsors of S.J. Res. 23, The Marriage Amendment.

Now Democrats get up their own sexual antics, but they do not strain so hard to shove their morality down our throats before being exposed as the current crop of Republicans do.

The only appropriate response to this is a salute to family values in the stye of the Grand Old Party. Enjoy the Videos! First a lovely piece by Keith Olberman in which he sets a reading of the police report about Senator Craig’s bathroom indiscretions to a Dragnet style video.

Then a few words from Wendy, thats Wendy the prostitute not Wendy the wife, as she talks about David Vitter in this video provided by Larry Flint.

-Loki HumidCity Founder

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