RECONSTRUCTION DECONSTRUCTION… carpetbag? do you want paper or plastic?

Jun 28, 2008 by

well i’m almost completely home… no working bathroom doors… still a padlock as a lock to my home… BTW the doors don’t fit…

welcome to the REconstruction…. or should i say CARPET BAG? lack of construction? deconstruction.

my so-called contractor spent six months building a porch while i rotted in the formaldahyde laden fema trailer… three weeks spent on a door, a single f$#@~n’ door…. another several weeks on a loft (which six months later is the wrong size for a mattress and lacks his custom or should i say costume built ladder)

when it came to door hanging none, i point out that none of the door openings 

a) fit the surviving cypress doors that were salvaged (originally from our friendly neighborhood project demolition pre-k 1999)

b) fit standard doors

IN FACT a two door closet has two different sized openings


today… as a blessing or a curse he quit as my first post-katrina guest arrives… no working bathroom doors… a padlock on my front door and a tripod for a tub…i think i might let her stay in the fema trailer instead

who the [email protected]#* builds the porch first? well, it is a damn good porch! maybe i should just buy a hammock!



[email protected]

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