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Jun 30, 2008 by

If anybody out there has missed my vitriolic ranting I have come to apologize. I have been absolutely buried over the past two weeks or so and have contributed but little here on the HC. One reason is that I have been getting things off the ground over on Katrina An UnNatural Disaster where I have just done some posting, including a piece I just put up today about local bloggers here in New Orleans.

Anyway, there are a few posts coming in the near future. In the meantime it seems that you are all in capable hands with the rest of the team. Kami just got back to town so we should be hearing from her soon. (hint)

While I need to keep it brief I would like you all to think for a moment. Think about what the flood victims North of us are going through. Think of what they are about to go through. Just because a few dipshits got on the Internet or in front of a camera and ranted about how we deserved it when the waters hit us does not mean that everyone up there shares that perspective. We have skills unique to the situation, we know what the long haul looks like. We can help.

I don’t care who you are, almost three years ago someone helped you. There was someone out there that helped each and every one of us. Remember that.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder (Like The Governator, “I’ll be back!”)

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  1. In my bookmarks, this site is called That Outsourced Blog Over There

  2. I’m not entirely sure how to take that. Please, do elaborate library man.

  3. Well, we wouldn’t want Loki handing himself a megaphone. The din is loud enough as it is.

  4. I’m just saying it looks like you’re operating one of those blogging sweatshops over here. Do you pay by the piece? Are you holding your “team members'” passports?

  5. Actually they are all willing volunteers. Since no money gets generated no one gets paid. I just try to help voices I think need to be heard reach a larger audience. Wanna do a guest post Mr. Library Man?

  6. Actually I think the larger audiences need to be protected from me.

  7. Nah! Haven’t you noticed, I like to scare the mundanes.

  8. Me try to be good hard blogger man, but master so strict. he say blogger or no grape to eat for lunch, He say blogger or no 10 minute break in between 8 hour shifts. Oh no! he coming… NO HIT WITH STICKS PLEASE!!!!! Must go blogger now! Recanting my bad blogging. Mr Loki nice-nice boss man!

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