no pot in my hole (part twofer)

Jul 11, 2008 by

well the ducks are gone… the pothole is now sequestered off like a crime scene with S&WB barrels warning all onlookers that there’s nothing to see here…

my pothole is going to go away! finally… after 2 1/2 years of gestation and expansion and still birth

you see… a few nights ago one of new orleans’ finest got stuck in lake pothole with his cruisers nose buried headfirst in the sludge of city planning… two towtruckers and all the kings horse and all the kings men later (as well as as some y’at tinged ungrammatical cussing and paperwork, too). me thinks the city may finally “fill” my hole in a new , non-amorous way… what no flowers?

afterall the fema trailer will soon be history… why not end with a smooth street riding into the sunset?

there was no pot in my hole… otherwise, i would have smoked it!



p.h. fred

[email protected]

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