Red White and BERG: Running with the Bulls in New Orleans

Jul 12, 2008 by

Running f the Bulls 2008

In Pamplona, Spain there is the Running of the Bulls, an exciting yet questionable way to spend a vacation. In New Orleans its a little bit different. You see its our second year running from the bulls, but being the Crescent City we do it our way. In all probability you will not be in fear of hospitalization if you run here, you also will discover that the bulls are much easier on the eye…

NOLA Bulls is the website for this event, an event which I predict will reach a thousand people in size within the next year to two years. (EDIT: Evidently the AP was listening when I said this at the After Party. Of course I have not actively been a promoter since right after 9-11, but oh well…-Loki) Running of the Bulls here in New Orleans means running from the beautiful and deadly Big Easy Rollergirls (The Official Sports Team of HumidCity!). I think that what we are seeing here is the birth of a New Orleans tradition, one which recalls the often neglected Spanish portion of the city’s heritage. It is quite appropriate to have it in the French Quarter for exactly that reason, the great fire under the Spanish regime wiped out all of the original French architecture which was replaced with all of the black wrought iron we know today. Spanish architecture.

Click the More Link to see photos of the the runners, the bulls, the Elvi, and more that I shot while running this morning.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder
Running f the Bulls 2008

Here is the crowd, turning onto Bourbon St. after departing the Three Legged Dog. I almost fell on my ass getting this one.

Running f the Bulls 2008

The arrival of a metal bull, complete with PA, music, and a smoke machine gains the immediate endorsement of the crowd. It is a joy to see something like this at 7:30 in the morning!

Running f the Bulls 2008

And who better to start the day with than the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi!

I have not sorted through the pictures I uploaded yet, but if you go here you can see the entire album. If you do look for cameos be Steve O’Keefe as well as NOLABlogger and old friend Michael Homan among others…

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