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I, for one, keep notes. This is part of where your tax dollars go, and why we have such a high crime rate. Thank Warren Riley. Or is it Wiley Coyote? Read on…

1) Fred Radtke is still allowed to trespass and commit vandalism because the police call him a ‘friend’ and refuse to arrest him, even when charges are pressed.

2) A decorated police officer is sanctioned & written up for wearing an old uniform color in support of fallen and dismissed NOPD officers. He does this only in the last 15 minutes before retiring, but is punished anyway.

3) An NOPD officer, off duty, races through the streets, endagering citizens, as he is chased by an on-duty police cruiser. When stopped, he insults the officers and drives off, escaping. At the police station, where he is late for his shift, he strikes one of the persuing officers in the face. He is issued a citation and returns to work immediately.

4) As murder rates continue at epic proportions and the Governor has requested further help from the National Guard, NOPD officers target the Homeless, tempting them with food & beer, only to charge them with felonies carrying over a decade of prison time. Multiple officers sit in valuable cruisers, waiting for hobos to steal candy bars. These “petty theft” entrapment schemes are not used in the French Quarter or Marigny, where theft is a growing problem. This bait & switch is only next to homless encamped areas, targeting them specifically.

This is selective enforcement. The first step in turning ‘To Protect & Serve’ in to “My gang of armed thugs will throw you in a dungeon.” Good thing we have all those palm trees on Canal Street to protect us. Oh, yeah. We have a Mayor, too. Don’t we?

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

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