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Jul 17, 2008 by

Well, it’s true. It happened. Just like the T-P said. The NOPD has confirmed that one of its own went all road rage and brandished a gun in front of kids at a local day camp.

And, dammit, now that the public knows about it, they’re gonna do something! Even though they tried to brush it aside yesterday.

When police were called to the community center initially, a ranking officer declared the complaint “unfounded,” after talking with the officer who witnesses said brandished the gun in a petty argument with a woman in the center’s pickup line.

Today, the chief is going to address it at a press conference. But in the meantime,

About eight [of] NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau showed up at the center first thing Thursday morning, and were followed shortly after noon by investigators from the city’s Office of Municipal Investigation, said Treme Center employee Belden “Noonie” Batiste.

Police chief Warren Riley also called the center’s director, Jerome Smith, to express his concern.

Smith hoped that an investigation would lead to a reprimand, but he wasn’t hopeful.

All he wants is a reprimand? Jesus Christ, that broad is dangerous, man!

How long can this go on? We are not being protected and served by those who bandy the slogan. We are all being bullied, bullied as badly as those kids who were exposed to a gun-wielding loose cannon just yesterday.


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