oil spill on the mighty miss

Jul 23, 2008 by

Good Lord, the smell of it. Has anyone else noticed the slow painful death of houseflies in the neighborhood? I suppose this might be interpreted as a mixed blessing since people and animals are also being poisoned. In fact, I’ve got myself a nasty little headache from the fumes.

Besides the mass extermination of flies, the otherĀ upside to this ugly mishap is, possibly, the cancellation of McCain’s scheduled New Orleans stop. According to the T-P:

“Besides the forecast for storms, it’s also possible that the McCain campaign would not want to have McCain highlighting his support for increased drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf at a time officials are dealing with a spill of an estimated 9,000 barrels of diesel fuel into the Mississippi River.”

So there’s that.

Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face…


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