day 3 is a charm

Jul 25, 2008 by

Three is a magic number, oh yes it is, it’s a magic number.

It’s day three of this oil spill situation, and the national news media is waking up.

This from CNN:

This from the NY Times:

And there are others.

Now, if you pay careful attention to the wording in these articles, you might notice that this story only “became news” when they could use nice heartwarming headlines like “Mississippi River Reopened after Oil Spill” and “Crews Make Progress on Mississippi River Oil Slick.”

Apparently, there is a new rule in the news world approximating: Don’t run a New Orleans story unless there is a positive spin.

So, here we are, day three, and what has happened here is being referred to in a very merry past tense.

As if it is all better, under control, no problem.

This is not ok.

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