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Its that time of year again, sweltering heat, free champagne, walking around behind the hopelessly self impressed getting a chuckle out of what you overhear. Yup, it’s time for White Linen Night again. As usual at this time of year I like to take a look at the darker side of the gallery hop, so I will be encouraging everyone to start the evening off by being literary.

Get on over to Poet’s Gallery (3113 Magazine) where the following shenanegins will be shared with the populace.

Poets Gallery Presents…Bound Linen Night: A Book-Signing Reception

Bound Linen Night

Saturday August 2nd 2008
6-10pm @ Poets Gallery | 3113 Magazine Street | 504-899-4100

Join us for a night of Literary Fantasy, Victorian Jazz, Spirits & Decadent Music by Morella and the Wheels of If. Artworks by Chris Slave will also be on display.
Complimentary wine and cheese!
Whitney and Kurt will be signing their works during the evening, and signed copies of Christy Kane’s Tales of the Sisters Kane will also be available.

Now I have known Kurt for several years, he is in one of my Carnival Krewes, but it is only over the last year or so that I really became aware of his creative output. His Comicscape column is most certainly worth the read. Evidently his new effort, the comic book Dead Souls is as well, at least if you trust this guy:

“Two of the most infamous and bloody characters from the Middle Ages are given fresh new Satanic life in this illustrated modern gothic horror story. One of the best and profoundly imaginative comics I’ve read for centuries…” -Dani Filth, singer of Cradle of Filth

Look for a complete review of the comic and an unpcoming guest post on HumidCity by Kurt over the next week or so. Issue #1 features an exclusive interview with Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth! You can look for it online at Seraphemera Books! or the Dead Souls Myspace!

Now, while I must confess being ignorant of the works of Christy Kane I’m looking forward to seeing it considering the company shes in. You see I have the privilege of knowing Whitney Lakin as well as Kurt, she is married to a dear old friend of mine. I’ll be posting a full review of the new book as soon as I finish it, but after getting through the first third I can already advise picking it up.

Lakin avoids a lot of the typical tropes of native New Orleans horror fiction. Her portrayal of the city and its goth scene are dead on (denizens of lower Decatur St. will be thrilled at the depiction), and so far I have found not one bloody vampire! From the housecat’s Enochian name to life in a New Orleans orphanage and far beyond she manages to deliver and interesting, well researched tale of the Nephilim that rings true for the city.

So come on out, I’ll be there taking pictures and joining in the revelry. Forget about Anne Rice and Poppy Brite, the new wave of New Orleans horror is rolling in.

Kurt Amacker began writing Dead Souls in 2003 while recovering from a knee injury in the United States Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California. He lives in New Orleans with his wife, Sabrina, and their black cats, Vlad and Erzsebet. He currently writes the weekly Comicscape column for Mania.com and DJs at Shadow Gallery, a monthly Gothic night in the French Quarter. His parents are still wondering what went wrong.

Author Whitney Lakin fell in love with New Orleans during a three-day trip over New Year’s 2002. She returned to her hometown of Detroit, but imagery of the city streets continuously haunted her dreams. Days before Halloween, she woke up around 4am, threw everything in her truck and made the drive to her spiritual home.

Whitney’s writing is like a stroll through the city with an unearthly tour guide. Enjoy warm, sugary beignets with an orphaned angel at the Café du Monde. Smell the ripe magnolias that grow outside the mansion of a dominatrix on St. Charles Avenue. Link arms with a devil who whisks you into the melee of a raucous Mardi Gras parade—and make sure to cancel all your appointments for tomorrow. As Jeri Cain Rossi has said about Lakin, “New Orleans has a new queen of the damned.”

You can find more about Whitney Lakin at www.whitneylakin.com.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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