The Bad Off – Bad Ass Music From New Orleans

Aug 4, 2008 by

Here you go people, a little hard rocking goodness from the Crescent City. Several years ago, prior to HumidCity, I ran an operation called The Silver Machine (you can see the article about it in Kingfish Magazine by following the link in the side bar.) The Silver Machine was a non profit web portal and production company geared towards exposing the cutting edge of art and music in the city. At that point it seemed as though the traditions were secure due to constant efforts by WWOZ, Jazz Fest, and other organizations, so I worked with bluegrass, death metal, indie rock, and other homegrown varietals that are not usually as easily accessible to those from outside the city.

It was in those days that I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Keith Hajjar, a ferocious percussionist and pillar of the indie music scene here in town. Long story short I ran into Kieth at Poet’s Gallery during White Linen NIght the other evening and he told me he is playing with The Bad Off now. This was already a band on my “to see soon” list, hearing of his involvement simply affirmed this.

This morning he sent a link to their new video, Bomb Drop, and I have to say it is sheer dynamite, Jimmy Walker caliber explosive expletives here. I have not been quite so happy with a indie rock sound since Orange Eye stopped playing back before the storm. Since YouTube and WordPress do not play well together at the moment you will have to settle for a link. Check it out, this is some hard groovin, kick ass music…

Stay tuned as I will be talking to Keith and the boys about doing an interview here on HumidCity in the not too distant future. In the meantime, quit dawdling and just press play! Its just the thing to take your mind off of Tropical Storm Edouard!

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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