I May Actually Vomit

Aug 13, 2008 by

I am trying desperately to see any reason to accept these recent circumstances;

A career cop is suspended for wearing the wrong uniform shirt for 15 minutes.

A cop waves a loaded gun in anger, in front of children at a day care in the Treme.

An off-duty cop leads on-duty cops on a high speed chase, drives off after being pulled over, finally slaps one of the on-duty cops when they catch up to him.

A hit and run driver, who left a Bywater resident and business owner bleeding in the street with protruding broken bones, telling the victim, “I never hit you”, can only be ticketed for a misdemeanor, and then only if witnesses come along for the arrest to identify him to his face. The Ticketed driver would not be arrested, nor the witness protected.

A woman is found beaten and stabbed IN HER HOME, mere blocks from where the violent hit & run driver lives, but he has not been questioned. The murderer of Helen Hill remains at large.

The car used in the hit & run sits daily in plain sight, yet the police refuse to tow it or ticket it, because it has Texas Plates. Several witnesses have identified it as the vehicle which assaulted the victim.

The victim of this hit & run will probably not be able to walk for at least five to six months. The assaulting vehicle appears to be uninsured, a Louisiana State Violation.

The writer of this blog was stopped and consequently run for warrants, due to ‘Homeland Security’ because a passenger in the vehicle (From England) had a legal Federal Green Card, but no state ID. He was threatened with arrest. Approximately 150 illegal Mexican workers watched this whole event, and the police ignored them and never asked them for ID.

Two separate shootings, one of them apparently a home invasion, took the lives of two New Orleans citizens this weekend.

Chief Warren Riley continually tells us how little the police can do without community involvement and information. Local residents took the police to the address of the Hit & Run vehicle. They refused to act.

The police asked a witness, a single women who lives near by, to accompany them to the front porch, where almost a dozen young men were gathered, and stand there pointing out the one who drove the vehicle so cold bloodedly over her friend, while his friends watched her make the identification. The cops said they would issue a traffic citation upon her identification, but make no arrest.
She must pass this house on an almost daily basis.

Then I got a notice from Loki at Humidcity…

The Excellence in Recovery Committee
is holding
A Tribute to the Recovery of New Orleans.
The Award of Distinction
for Recovery, Courage and Leadership
goes to
C. Ray Nagin, Mayor.

This do-nothing pompous ass has ignored anything like real responsibility to the people of this city, insulted any but black citizens calling it ‘a chocolate city,’ suggested that run-away murder rates are good, as they ‘keep the New Orleans brand out there’, spent $7,000 of taxpayers money on personal expenses in the last year alone, took a dozen personal aides on a two week trip to South Africa, helped set up NOAH, the biggest con game since Bill Jefferson, and generally acts like a cross between Napoleon and Axl Rose.

Now he’s getting an award.
Probably of his own device.
Meanwhile, cops hassle citizens for petty traffic infractions that they can fine, arrest hobos for petty theft and call it felony burglary to increase their felony conviction stats, and refuse to arrest a hit & run driver without exposing a witness to obvious intimidation, and allow hundreds of illegal aliens to block intersections as they openly solicit work without papers of any kind.

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually ready to throw up.


Lord David
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