the car that hit david gordin has been located

Aug 13, 2008 by

Just a heads up to the courageous and decent people who have been actively searching for this car: the vehicle that hit David has been located and identified. The police know exactly where it is and what’s going on.

The car has not been impounded, and no one has been arrested. Don’t ask me to explain this because I can’t. Just be careful out there.

I just wanted to post this to make sure that no one unnecessarily puts himself or herself at risk by hunting for this car or approaching it or its occupants in any way. Now it’s up to the cops. DO NOT approach this car or its occupants.

Any further information about this will not be publicly posted by me. For me to say more would be disrespectful to those more closely involved, but in the interest of public safety at least this much needs to be said.

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