You’ve Got to Be Kidding. PLEASE, Tell Me You’re Kidding

Aug 13, 2008 by

An Award of distinction for Recovery, Courage and Leadership? For C-Ray? Step away from the crack pipe please. And who is this Excellence in Recovery Host Committee? Are they even from here?

Nagin-Recovery Award

-Loki, HumidCity Founder


  1. Seriously, I feel like I’m going to vomit.

  2. Are you fucking kidding me? This fucking dipshit thief is getting an award for stealing money from the people he is supposed to serve. Oh, the cat ain’t already too much out of the bag, but it’s getting out…and the stench following the NOAH deal will follow all his family member’s “contracts” along with it.

    Nagin is a piece of shit. There, ReX has stated it publicly…

  3. I suspect the force behind the award is Nagin himself, or someone trying to score brownie points with Hizzonor. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Welcome to Crazytown.

  4. Sir, I know Crazy. I’ve lived with Crazy, I was friends with Crazy, and this, sir, is not Crazy…it’s corruption.

    And, of course, my due respect to my Lloyd Benson impersonation.

  5. the chairs of the event are (councilwoman) jackie clarkson and dan packard (former entergy new orleans ceo).

  6. Spoke to Jackie Clarkson’s Chief of Staff on the phone earlier. She denies the rumor that JC is co-chairing this event. I’m supposed to be getting a call from Clarckson later today. If she does call I will report back. No further info on Packard as yet.

  7. Of course, JC might have been scheduled to co-chair, but she could always back out if she later deems the event to be politically radioactive. One has to always parse the meaning out of politician’s statements.

  8. well, a friend in the media saw the original and said clarkson was listed as one of the co-chairs.

  9. I’m certainly NOT saying she is not involved, I’m just saying what her Chief of Staff told me. I’m going to continue looking into it.

    The CoS also said that her office has been deluged with phone calls asking that question since yesterday afternoon.

  10. umullet

    Un-fucking believeable…………the dummys that voted for this idiot can wallow in shame….has he done anything for this city???? I hope a fireman shits in his face !!!

  11. Joe

    Unfuckinbelievable. There is no way this is true.

  12. mardi claw

    get out those blue tarp gowns folks…
    looks like bernardo is throwing a bash to continue promoting his “official photography of C. Ray”…

    this stinks just like ray ray’s participation in NOAH, his fateful moment on tv, and keepin the new orleans brand out there. Its out there alright, out there in our faces everyday. Love to see everyone storm this, (no pun intended) with PICTURES of all those affected by his lack of participation….

    Bet Bernardo wouldn’t photograph that!


  13. I have a feeling that getting this ut in the public eye will cause all sorts of “guests” to appear. I think Lee Zurich should have a film crew outside the event.

    I’d kill to see you in a blue tarp dress!

    Could this end up being a NOLARising Photo Project???? Bug Rex.

  14. JAUG

    oh please let’s crash this party!!!
    blue tarps, photos of lost ones, copies of The Levee, Lee Zurik and Eddie Jordan masks, a list of disgraced public officials – crime stats – suicide rates, all of us wagging our fingers chanting Shame Shame Shame…. and demanding that CRayLately step his lazy, racist, bi-polar ass down

  15. Eddymia-Man

    What a crok of #$!%!!! This guy should be boiled in oil – not put on a pedestal. Only in NOLA! People down here are brain dead if they fall for this BS.

  16. Stevie-1DUH

    Stewart Juneau probably looking for discounts from Home Depot on granite. Bernardo Wade needs his job. Jackie Clarkson is a 2 faced liar and panderer. Irvin Mayfield – who knows? Dan Packer – I thought that you were better than this. Ed Kohn – please don’t fall for this BS. Russell Honore- you better than anyone else shouold know what traits make a good leader. Please don’t ruin your fine reputation by participating in this event. Please don’t be “stuck on stupid.” And finally, Paul Prudhomme, what the hell were you thinking?

  17. MB


    The resolution on my computer is not good enough to read the RSVP phone number or email. Would you please print this in an alternate format? I’d like to give them a ring and say hellllllllo : )

  18. 455-4131 is my best guess. Its not just your monitor, the original scan I aquired was not as high res as if I had done it myself. Best I can do.

    I have heard from a number of people who have called it and none say they have gotten an answer.

  19. al

    anybody want to show up and protest? i think i got a blue tarp i can make a kilt out of

  20. Grove

    C. Ray is a joke. How can this bastard accept this award.

  21. Donna

    These remarks are the best stuff I have ever read. I have been laughing all evening, And the funniest thing is this man actually thinks he deserves this.

  22. Here’s some insight on one of the prime movers behind the party. Check out American Zombie’s cornucopia of fun at :

  23. NOLAShark

    Oh bet your blue tarpped behind I will be there protesting!! Wonder if I’ll have to use my one phone to call my job to let them know I’m in lock up…I would laugh, but I’m not in a joking mood anymore with this city. Time to start shaking up the foundations, and watch the deck of corrupt cards fall!!

  24. JAUG

    I have a few friends in exile that would love to be here on the 22nd. One is actually planning on it and planning on being arrested for civil disobedience. Gotta love her!
    Got my blue tarp and my camera, see ya’ll on the streets I’m thinking around 6pm, because we just gotta make note of everyone that shows up for this dog and pony show.

    Hmm, bluetarp porkbarrel, dayum wish I wasn’t finally moving downstairs this week or I’d whip one up!

  25. Melanie

    rumor has it they’re not expecting as many people now . . .too much uproar. The good news about this is my excuse to go downtown; those of us who show up to protest can go see Jeremy Davenport when we’re done!

  26. JAUG

    got my poster board and black markers.. here’s my thoughts, some of which will show up Friday…

    I survived Katrina, where’s my award?

    Honore for Mayor

    Lee Zurik Rules

    Lee Zurik for Mayor

    Do us a favor Ray – QUIT

    My Mayor is killing my city

    Hey Ray we know you don’t care!

    The tax payers are pissed!

    Stop the killings before you party (not quite there yet with this one)

    Save our city

    You are all fired!

    CRay – you suck at your job

    Cray – you don’t deserve any awards

    Shame on you all !

    NOLA has a bad case of mayorsucketh!

    suggestions, comments, additions?
    i wish i could be wittier but i’m to pissed off…

  27. is this an organized protest or are a loose group of people showing up? If this thing is really happening I’ll bring the poster that says Lee Zurik for mayor because a nutria could do a better job that Nagin has done!!!

  28. Seems more random to me. I’ll probably be out there for a while with my camera before heading over to Rising Tide III


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