eve of destruction? better than good karma, the power of song

Aug 14, 2008 by

i’ve been living in a dreamworld since fema took my trailer away… i’ve not wanted to go to sleep in fear that the bad times would start again… my house is now closer to a home … my life is again worth living

i’ve committed myself to a benefit project that has led me to a higher place… locals ranging from susan cowsill and anders osborne to members/ former members of rebirth, cowboy mouth, dash rip rock, the iguanas, the subdudes, evangeline have all come out to play… i’ve even snagged lou reed and alice cooper sideman steve hunter to contribute an acoustic version of “just a closer walk with thee”   my phone rang with the distant sounds of fernando saunders (lou’s go to guy and ian hammer/ jeff beck’s bassman) calling from helsinki offering a hand, a voice, and a song.  michelle shocked and suzzy roche also want to help…  even woody guthrie’s son arlo and grandaughter annie may join in…

all seems right in my world…

DESPITE the crime, the potholes, the government, the stupidity…

DESPITE the war in georgia AND our potentially knee-to-the-groin jerk-of-a-reaction (believe it or not, someone actually asked bobby hebert if he thought that might affect our game against the falcons)

DESPITE hurricane season, floods, and chances of OBAMANATIONS or an unABEL mcCANE (WTF?)

the music from the streets… the music from afar

as pete seeger once commented….”ah, the power of song”

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