Nagin’s Little Party: Jackie Clarkson Chimes In

Aug 14, 2008 by

If the comment sream is any indication it looks like I’m not the only one appalled by the idea of throwing a bash in which C Ray is to be honored for, get this, “An Award of Distinction for Recovery, Courage, and Leadership.”

Scuttlebutt around the Internet is that Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson was the event’s co-chair, so I called her office. When I first spoke with her Chief of Staff I was told emphatically that Ms. Clarkson was not involved in any way. She also said that they had been experiencing quite a few calls of this nature over the past day or two. I left my number and went about the rest of my day. That was about 4 hours ago.

About twenty minutes ago my phone rang and Councilwoman Clarkson was on the other end of the line. I explained what the rumor mill had to say on the subject and asked for her response.

She told me that she had originally been asked to be involved in the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee, something she had accepted due to the involvement of local photographer Bernardo, who is a friend of hers. At no time, she states, was there any mention of being a “co-chair.” She also said that “never, never, never was there any mention of the Mayor’s name. We should not be honoring the Mayor. We should be honoring survivors, first respoders, and neighborhood and faith based leaders.”

She said that she has been “running so hard” and had “so much on her plate” that she was a little too trusting. “Now, unfortunately, I’m going to have to be much more suspicious when things like this come up.”

I have a business meeting to get to, and as much as I adore Humid City I have to go. Since I have no real time at present to offer commentary on this I’m going to leave it to you gentle readers (and not so gentle ones as well) to offer your perspectives instead.

EDIT: looks like Kevin Allman is on the case and speaking with her as well.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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