Who Killed Jessica Hawk, a Guest Post by Steve O’Keefe

Aug 14, 2008 by

(This is a guest post by Steve O’Keefe. I have the pleasure of working for Steve as a contract blogger and used to share the Bywater office he mentions below. I share his shock, his outrage, and most importantly his desire for answers to the following questions. -Loki, HumidCity Founder)

This morning I walked past the home of Jessica L. Hawk whose lifeless body was discovered by police at 9:40 Monday morning, August 11, 2008.

Jessica lived halway between my home by the Sound Cafe and my former office by the satellite dishes on Chartres. She lived two doors away from Dr. Bob, who police questioned Monday morning, and who I spoke with this morning after visiting the stoop at 3013 Chartres to pay my respects to the woman who sold flowers from Harold’s up on Saint Claude.

Jessica Hawk was murdered. Stabbed multiple times. Dr. Bob visited the crime scene with detectives before her body was removed. He said her naked body was propped-up. Since he is sharing this news with neighbors, it is no longer the private knowledge of detectives.

This is our murder investigation. We are entitled to know the facts of what happened, as police are able to reveal them.

Have the police asked NOCCA for surveillance video? They are located right down the street and usually have a night guard. Did the guard at NOCCA see anything? How about the drivers who pick up produce at AJ’s on Chartres in the early hours of the morning — every day? Do they have video tape? Did they see anything?

How about the soldiers headed to the Navy base on Poland at 7:15 every weekday morning? Did they see?
Or the military recruits marching the warf where homeless live? Did they see anything? Did the Harbor Police see anything? Do they have surveillance video?

Has anyone looked in the overgrown trenches that line the levee along the route from NOCCA to Poland? That’s where criminals have been found and arrested in the past. Has anyone searched the abandoned Rice Mill across the street?

This is our neighborhood and our murder investigation. We are entitled to know the facts of the case and to contribute to its solution.

Do police have a suspect? Do they suspect an acquaintance? Did Jessica have a car? Where is it? Was anything stolen? Is there a time of death?

The investigation and prosecution of a murder is a public act.
It is not the private property of the police or the media.
We deserve to hear answers and find answers to this crime.


STEVE O’KEEFE | okeefe-at-bellsouth-dot-net

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