Y3K Blog Carnival- Kick Off

Aug 16, 2008 by

Y3K: First Annual HumidCity Blog Carnival
Its almost three years since the day Katrina hit our shores. Three years of government ineptitude, three years of the “new normal,” three years in which voices from New Orleans have been handed the virtual megaphone here on HumidCity.

This year I would like to commemorate the occasion by bringing in a variety of voices to share their thoughts and reflections on post levee failure New Orleans. Where we’ve been, where we’re going, and this Third Battle of New Orleans that bridges the gap between the two.

This started off earlier this week in a pair of guest posts, one by Steve O’Keefe and one by Bethany Bultman. Then the idea began to grow. Now I have decided that this will be the First Annual Blog Carnival. I’ll be handing the site over to a variety of voices from here and beyond. A wide variety of voices will be presented over the next few weeks, I encourage you to follow their signature links and check out their blogs/sites.

Coming soon: Adrastos, Greg Peters/Suspect Device, and more! (For a complete and continually updated list of all Blog Carnival Posts visit this page.)

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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