We Are Not Alone

Aug 18, 2008 by

I strongly suggest that anyone reading about Nagin’s Stupid Award and getting pissed off about it get busy with a bigger club (so to speak). Eric Asher, longtime critic of the Nagin Administration, runs a mailbag day on his radio program on WIST, 690 AM. His normal hours of broadcast are noon to 3pm, monday through friday, and he answers email on the air during his friday show. (Warning: Tuning in early may expose you to the ultra-conservative bullshit of Neal Bortz. If it’s any consolation, I got Eric Asher to call him a liar and fraud, live on the air. Oh, happy day.)

His site also shows the ENTIRE TEXT of the Mayors invite, as in who’s on the list. Mister Asher demonstrates his thoughts on the Mayor’s job review by posting a downloadable PDF of a Recall Package, so you can be the first to start impeachmant proceedings on your block. Go here for details.

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