Moving to Portland! (Attn RSS Readers!)

Aug 19, 2008 by

Yes, thats right, HumidCity is moving to Portland, OR. Not only that but we leave this weekend, at least the ones and zeros do.

After two and a half years of hosting kindly donated by ThinkNOLA the HumidCity site will be relocated to servers owned by Green Tangerine Media, who are also being quite kind to us. ThinkNOLA is shutting its doors. The team writing are still in New Orleans, the attitude is still in New Orleans, but our servers will be outside the storm zone.

I am stressing this for a few reasons, first of which is the fact that we may end up with some dead time during the change. It can sometimes take a day or two for the address to map to the new server. In other words while I hope there won’t be any, the possibility of down time is one to be aware of. The move will be late at night on Friday so there will be no new blog posts from dinner time on.

In addition, those of you following on Feedburner or through Feedblitz will need to add us again after the move. The feedburner account is ThinkNOLA’s and we cannot take it with us.

I’m letting you all know about this in advance because the memory of our three days of downtime a few months back haunts me. It haunts me I tell you!

Look for some major improvements to the site in the near future!

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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