Green Tangerine Saves The Day

Aug 23, 2008 by

Well, after the single most peculiar site move I’ve ever experienced it seems we are stable and on our new servers at Green Tangerine Media. These folks saved our site today by being willing to jump in and do the relocation on a bare few minutes notice.

You see today Alan Gutierrez, who has presented himself as ThinkNOLA since the storm, decided that the proper response to my inquiries about the multiple and highly unreasonable hold ups was to punch me in the face twice, in public, at a new media conference.

Out of respect for the organizers I laid it out that I would not press charges if he would release our database and allow Green Tangerine to relocate it before leaving the building. He did so, I am not pressing charges, and HumidCity is now safely out of the burning house of cards that was ThinkNOLA. This altercation will be the subject of a future posting once my temper has cooled enough to do it properly.

In the meantime I cannot thank Jennifer at GTM enough. I’m sure this was probably the weirdest work call she has received. I mean how often do hosting companies get emergency/move it now/ violence and police based requests from their new clients? The speed and kindness of their assistance has assured me that this is the right place for our little bunch of Internet misfits. Instant response, great communication, rapid implementation, and a cheerful attitude are all traits that seem to be hallmarks for Green Tangerine.

If you enjoy HumidCity join us in saying thank you for their emergency save by leaving a comment here. They really came though  like champs!

Coming soon: Drinks with the Inspector General, Fisticuffs on the Convention Floor, a Blog Carnival Post from Greg Peters of Suspect Device, and a sincere question about parking legalities.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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