Hey Philly Daily News and Daily KOS, Here Is An Invitation to Kiss My Ass

Aug 26, 2008 by

You know, I just cannot understand people. The vitriol and mean spirited tripe aimed at us after Katrina was more than enough to sour me on much human interaction, at least with those outside the flood zone. Now, with Hurricane Gustav looking like its going to both amp up and come roaring down our throats there are so called “progressives” taking about how it will be great for scoring points against the GOP.

I support Obama myself. I hate him as thoroughly as all other politicians, he just happens to be the best option in my opinion. This makes it doubly infuriating when people who stress how prideful they are about being compassionate and forward thinking want to make light of the fact that there is a good chance we down here in the front lines will watch our homes, jobs, neighbors, and loved ones destroyed while we are still trying to rebuild. Hello! we are still picking up the pieces from when the GOP and the Dems deserted us.

First there is this nimrod, Will Bunch, a senior writer at the Philadelphia Daily News. I love the cutesy little disclaimer about not wishing any ill towards anyone here BUT wouldn’t it be great if it hit during the GOP conference? Will, I would like to invite you to send your children and your grandmother down here, after all, don’t they want to be part of the solution? Come on they know how to swim don’t they? We can talk “realpolitck” while the water rises.

Then there is the Daily KOS, as useless an echo chamber as right wing talk radio. Check out the comments on this post. My god you people make me sick and also make me ashamed to call myself a progressive.

What part of human suffering do you not understand? Do you realize that you have all the humanity of Dick Cheney when you write this drivel? I am so furious at this that I am almost speechless. Almost.

You disgusting array of semi-evolved simians, how dare you attempt to hijack concern over a possible repeat of three years ago and turn it to political purposes? Are you the ones madly making evacuation plans just in case? Are any of you stocking up for the potential of Apocalypse II: The Sequel? Is this anything but a news story to those of you who style themselves the compassionate and concerned?

In the words of the late great Ashley Morris, “Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks!” As one of the saner KOS commenters pointed out, “thats like saying you wish more kids would die in Iraq because it will make the war look bad.”

I would like to close by encouraging anyone with sense who is not 100% consumed by Hurricane prep to visit these two sites and share your thoughts…

{EDIT- Such an arrant bit of douchebaggery as this needs to be Promoted From The Comments:

“Gustav is taking square aim for the U.S. Gulf Coast on the week of the GOP convention in Minnessota.
Given that, it’s fair to say that not only is the Gulf Coast squarely in Gustav’s bulls-eye, but so is Minneapolis-St. Paul–which hosts the GOP’s 2008 convention…”.
“I understand all about the “I hope this doesn’t happen to New Orleans.”

But, it’s got to hit somewhere, and I hope it does hit New Orleans. Not because I want those people to suffer, Christ, they’ve had more than their fair share of grief, but EVERY time a hurricane hits someplace with more than two gay people, a bunch of fucking lunatics scream about GOD’S WILL. So let it be God’s will.”

That made me physically ill. -Loki}

-Loki, HumidCity Founder and an actual progressive (not a faux progressive)

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