If You Are In Gustav’s Path You Must Take 5 Minutes to Read This

Aug 30, 2008 by

Okay folks, wile I am still not convinced that Gustav will smite New Orleans many people are still exercising justifiable caution and getting the hell out of dodge. This article by Web 2.0 Security expert W. David Stphenson is a must read. His tips on utilizing cameraphones, twitter, flickr and other online tools to communicate during a Hurricane or evacuation are a must read. Lives could be saved by this information.

In his words:

Looking ahead to the likely landfall of Gustav next week, I want to reinforce how critical it is to know now how to creatively use your personal communication devices and Web 2.0 apps in an emergency when conventional communications may be disrupted.So here, drawn from the VITA Advisory tips I created for the Wireless Foundation and my “21st-century disaster tips you WON’T hear from officials,” — and some new ones to boot! — are IMHO the key things you should learn now to be prepared if and when disaster strikes

Go. Read. Use. Share.

-Loki, HumidCIty Founder

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