What She Said! (Yes, damn it, more Gustav)

Aug 30, 2008 by

Via Menckles:

That said, we’re still watching Herr Gustav and trying to determine where it’s going to go. The problem is that the National Hurricane Service and our local weather forecasters are under, understandably, a considerable amount of pressure to deliver a “forecast of least regret.” So watching the weather consists of a lot more reading between the lines than actual listening. It’s a very delicate thing. And really irritating for a linear thinker. REALLY, irritating. I don’t wish you to provide me with subtle clues about this hurricane’s path, bitch. I wish you to provide me with INFORMATION.

Gotta tell you, before this happened to me, personally, I didn’t really understand why people down here didn’t just get the Hell out of Dodge every time one of these came anywhere near them. Now I get it. This is an ENORMOUS pain in the ass. Alot of money. Alot of time. Alot of packing. Alot of physical and emotional energy spent. And this motherfucker ISN’T EVEN IN THE FUCKING GULF OF MEXICO YET!!!! And the “Chicken Little”-like squalling and lecturing about how “it’s time to go” from every motherfucker around you makes you–if, like me, you have a healthy strain of wanting to tell the world to go fuck itself anyway–wanna stay out of spite.

But, again, we’re remaining rational and deciding on our final course of action based on fact, not hysteria.

There, a perspective that may help those outside of SE Louisiana understand our side of things. The hysteria generated by leadership desperate to distance themselves from their own party’s abject and criminal failure during Katrina is more dangerous than the storm itself. Nagin needs t stop grandstanding and do his damn job, Jindal needs to seem less panicky his mood and delivery are not what a real leader should project. At least they are taking some action this time.

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