wag the dog poop, or the republicans will save us?

Aug 31, 2008 by

brunch in exile van nuys (the porn capital of the world)

well, the rebublicans have figured out how to steal obama’s thunder.  the four horseman of impending apocolypse (governors jindal, perry, barbour, and riley) are here to save us from MOTHER NATURE, something no bleeding heart democrat would dare do…not even al “and the oscar goes to” gore.obama may have given a damn good speedch last week, but did he save america? as mccain just said on CNN, “today we’re not rebublicans, today we’re americans!” be still my heart…

you see the republicans have organized mandatory evacuation and salvation for their unwilling constituents and have thus siezed more good press and kudos than the reublican convention could ever have.  THE ONLY PROBLEM is the guest villain appears to be waning. the almighty storm of the century may be a cat 2 by the time it makes landfall, then again most bad guys really aren’t as scary as the previews make them appear.

why the hoopla? is it because the bushes and mccains fear poor ratings for the convention or worse yet they fear defeat in november?  or could be the rumor about palin’s child, er grandchild?

maybe george w. just wants to go down in history like rudolph and columbus?




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