plaquemines parish levee break imminent

Sep 1, 2008 by

Levees are compromised in Plaquemines Parish, about to breach. This is very bad news.

Watching this on CNN, jackass Wolf Blitzer cut off Parish President Billy Nungesser because Laura Bush’s speech was bout to begin at the GOP Con. Fer chrissakes.

UPDATE 5 minutes later…

So Laura says something inane and stupid, and Blitzer — who apparently put Billy Nungesser ON HOLD!!! – comes back and starts talking as if Nungesser is still on the line. After a while, Blitzer goes, “I guess we’ve lost contact with Parish President Nungesser.”

You didn’t lose contact, asshole — he hung up on your sorry ass! The man is busy trying to warn his people of a huge danger and doesn’t have time to be PUT ON HOLD by some self-important correspondent twit!

UPDATE, another 5 minutes later…

Shitfuck Blitzer gets Billy Nungesser BACK ON THE LINE, only to immediately tell him, “I’m sorry but I have to put you on hold because Cindy McCain is about to begin her speech.”

Someone tell me I am imagining this shit.

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