PROZACUATION NATION: don’t believe the hype!

Sep 1, 2008 by

as we breathe a sigh a relief… the politicos pat themselves on the back.  was really a good job, brownie! WTF?

w. (our fearless, peerless, and queerless leader) has canceled his republican national convention appearance… mccain is an american (not a republican) … the four horsemen of the incompetence (i.e. gov. jindal, perry, barbour, and riley) will obviously recieve presidential pardons… i mean accomodations like a gaggle of retraded geese)

still this sequel sucks… no apollo creed, no “luke (or leak) i am your father”…. heck, not even a trace of nash roberts. besides you can’t have a disaster film or an epic because the god-ferain’ gun-totin’ zombie- killin ape-loathin’ charlton heston is dead. bob ‘gilligan’ denver died during katrina,  brownie is retired . and general honore is now a consultant for cnn.  

so tell me, my fellow evacuaees, who’s stuck on stupid???

call your pharmacist and get ready for day 4 of the prozacuation!


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