I Keep Reading …

Sep 4, 2008 by

… That the City is welcoming back her residents.

I don’t get it. Seems to me the barricades went down when the citizenry began to storm them in force yesterday.

And how long will it take before, Nagin, the old lady from Algiers (whatshername?), Jindal, Chertoff, and Bush all start patting each other and themselves on the back for averting the great potential disaster of Gustav, sending him scurrying in the face of their formidable force?

Now my Sicilian great-grandmother, she could “cut” a storm or a tornado to pieces with a Chinaberry branch and the sign of the cross, but I’ve never heard of any politician being able to do that.

(And why don’t I hear much about the destruction in Southwest LA?)

Just asking.


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