where elephants go to die

Sep 7, 2008 by

they say that people and elephants know when the end is near… heck, my father use to look in the paper everyday to check the obituaries to see if he had died in his sleep… AND a week before he died, he canceled the paper and proceeded to clean the house and “visit his stuff” one last time. he didn’t need to wait to read it… he just knew.

i feel like i’m reaching the end game… not in a morbid way BUT rather in a way that i sense that i’m sick and i need to finish a few chores before i go… the KREWE DE CAMP benefit CD is turning out well… at last count, STEVE HUNTER, FERNANDO SAUNDERS, THE ROCHES, MICHELLE SHOCKED , DAVE ALVIN, ARLO GUTHRIE, MIKE WATT and possibly with fernando’s help even LOU REED all appear to be on board in some way, shape, and/ or form…. they join the new orleans gang of SUSAN COWSILL, CRANSTON CLEMENTS,  JIMMY MESSA, PAUL SANCHEZ,  JIM McCORMICK, ANDERS OSBORNE, JOHNNY J, etc. over 50 plus artists

but between the manic lack of sleep and the katrina flashbacks caused by the gusatv, ike, and their cousins in the carribean, i’m not sure how much more i can do,,, the lung problems which arose after katrina appear to be back… breathing, talking, singing are all labored. PLUS now the fatigue and the insomnia are a tug of war that is far from a healthy equilibrium.  the elphant walk seems inevitable…

i hope i’m just crying wolf… i hope the sky doesn’t fall…i hope i can see this project to its fruition just want to raise 30k-40k and keep the camp going for a few more years… if all goes well, i can set up a trust fund for the camp.. so it can go on for quite a while

peace, ph fred