Curfew Update From Idiot Hall

Sep 8, 2008 by

I just pulled this from a press release, dated last Friday, September 5th.

Please note that the Marigny Proper & Bywater, from Elysian Fields to the Industrial Canal, are in the 70117, and still under “extended” dusk ’til dawn curfew, because some idiot has a sharpie and a city map, and little or no clue what the fuck they’re doing or who lives where.
And they run the city.
Please read on:

City makes curfew adjustments
NEW ORLEANS — Mayor C. Ray Nagin has extended the curfew in place since Hurricane Gustav from dusk until dawn to 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in most areas of the city starting tonight.

Exceptions have been made for business corridors in the city with re-established populations and adequate lighting, Nagin said. The curfew for these areas will be from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. The affected ZIP codes are 70112 (Canal Street from Interstate 10 to the Mississippi River), 70115 (Uptown), 70116 (Marigny) and 70130 (Warehouse District).

Restaurant and tourism industry officials have pressed Nagin for the last two days to lift the curfew in order to stimulate business for the weekend, with the first New Orleans Saints home game set for noon Sunday and fans expected to come to the city as soon as tonight.

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  1. Curfews? We don’t need no stinking curfews!

    We’ve been bombing around town since the day Gustav hit and no one has bothered us, but of course we are White.

    The fuckmook with the sharpie only “trusts” folks in the White areas.

  2. I just saw his four o’clock news conference and he said there were no more curfews. What gives?

  3. I think you just gave us the latest data.

    Of course, here in Candy Land, chutes & ladders abound.
    What will Mister Chocolate City think of next?

    Maybe the plan is to keep us so confused we forget about the unbridled crime, thug cop activities, insider deals and stupid fucking awards. Just guessing…

    Oh, yeah, and those poor bastards (like Loki & Alex & Cats) still stranded out there from Gustav, nevermind Katrina.

  4. This just in:

    Curfew Lifted In New Orleans
    09-09-2008 6:38 AM

    (New Orleans, LA) — Party on! That was the word from New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as he announced he was lifting the Gustav curfew. Last night was the first time residents didn’t have to be off the streets by 10 p.m. in more than a week. Some businesses had threatened law suits if the curfew continued, saying they were losing big bucks at bars and clubs.

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