who the f is ike?

Sep 11, 2008 by

this generation of refugees and evacuess is an odd lot…. most of whom have never heard of betsy or camille. AND mention of the great flood of 27 or noah or even gilligan gets a few blanco stares.  don’t dare mention nash roberts. should I ask if they know who ike is? or why we even like him? no, he’s not the guy who owns ikea! duh!

tonight i won’t stand on my soapbox too long… too sick to be tired, too tired to be sick – although the katrina crude (or is that gustav guck) is quite busy wreaking havoc on my lungs with a death rattle that could make many a bipartisan elephant go looking for pasture out on highway 61.  but i’m too manic to stay depressed and too depressed to be suicidal… i think i just want peace of mind.

so i will step down and leave you with the words of dwight d. “ike” eisenhower: “though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and co-operation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace.

peace indeed, my friends…. and remember to BLOG THIS! 

ph “freddy” fred