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Sep 15, 2008 by

Loki is nuts. Yes, you already knew that but now he’s really gone wackadoodle. He’s given me the keys to his kingdom. That’s right, I’ll be rearing my head here at Humid City from time to time. What was he thinking?

The good news for Loki is that I don’t know how to use WordPress yet so my plan to post a picture of Loki-n-Thor action figures has been foiled. I’m a bit thor about that but life sucks and then you die.

This is really just an utterly pointless introductory post. But that’s what I’m known for at my usual stand. If you haven’t read my blog before: I crack a few jokes, mock the powerful, post the odd video and make Mayor Nagin say man a lot, man.

To use outdated slang, the Mayor is da bomb, man. No strike that: he likes to use da bomb to blow stuff up, which has right thinking people, as well as me, up in arms. It’s interesting when someone who doesn’t use the *ordinary* powers of his office issues emergency orders. I wish he’d stick to offering bogus discounts to hurricane evacuees and quit playing demolition derby. In fact, I wish he’d wear a derby whilst on tevee to keep from blinding us with the sheen of his empty head. So, C Ray: knock it off, after 3 years of fucking around why are you suddenly in such a hurry?

That’s the end of my debut as a quasi-crypto-pseudo regular at Humid City. I’ll pop up from time to time when I actually have something to say as opposed to this post. See you in the funny papers or at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe. Btw, I refuse to serve Loki any caffeinated beverages. He’s caffeine on legs…


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