Pass The Mic, HumidCity Style

Sep 15, 2008 by

Some of our readers may well have noticed that once again a new crop of authors are appearing on the blog. You see, HumidCity is an organic community that continually grows and shifts. While I remain the dictatorial overlord the cast of characters goes through a pretty consistent state of flux.

Rooted firmly in the “pass the mic” ethos of the hip-hop scene we try to bring in new voices that we beieve need to be heard. Unlike the well known Metroblogging sites we do not make any money from the effort. As a pro blogger I wholeheartedly support being paid for my words, it is what keeps a roof over my wife’s head. I also believe that there are times when purity of message requires a removal of profit motive. HumidCity exists perpetually in one of those times: post levee failure New Orleans.

That said  would like to share the current roster of internet reprobates that have agreed to share their wit, wisdom, rants, and perspectives with you.  As always the list of active authors will change as people join and leave. I’m going to try to recap the current culprits monthly (we’ll see how that works out…)

[EDIT: I am a clod. I completely forgot that the madcap snarking of Adrastos will also be found here on occassion. Omission now rectified. -Loki the clod]

As always, these voices are brought to you free of censorship by HumidCity. Please go check out their blogs, especially if you live outside of the New Orleans area. It will be infuriating and educational, I promise!

-Loki, Founder HumidCity

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