Live From Texas: Virgotex

Sep 16, 2008 by

HumidCity found its footing as a resource in the dark weeks following Hurrcane Katrina and the Great Levee Failure of ’05. One of the main reasons was a distrust of conventional media to get the story straight.

Right now our near neighbors in Galveston and Houston are suffering many of the same trials that we have undergone and I must confess I doubt we can “get it right,” from our place here in New Orleans. With that in mind I have created a temporary login for Virgotex, an excellent Texas blogger and regular contributor to First Draft. Who is this Virgotex anyway?  In her own words:

A sentient carbon-based dyke geek nerd naturalist writer poet blogger photographer bureaucrat knowledge worker democrat mac user fat tv watcher music lover person living with five animals in Texas, pondering the nature of the time-space continuum, negotiating with the persistent illusion of reality.

Former proprietor here. Creator of, co-writer at, Got That New Package.  Also, due to clerical mixup or grave error in judgment, the fine people at First Draft let her guest blog there on Wednesdays.

In the next few weeks she will be bringing us the skinny from our neighboring state. Pease welcome her as a special guest blogger, we need her inside view as much as those outside of New Orleans need ours.

-Loki, Founder HumidCity

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